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Featured Recipe: Watermelon Salsa

Without a doubt, watermelon is the epitome of a great summer snack, full of juicy flavor, not to mention a bucket-load of excellent nutrition. Watermelons are related to cucumbers and squash and trace back their history to ancient Egyptians who held them in such high regard that they frequently placed them in them in the tombs of kings. Today, watermelons are enjoyed all around the world and have become the quintessential American favorite; served in chunks, slices, juices and in cold soups. Much of the world’s supply comes from China, but the U.S. is one of many other countries with a significant watermelon crop. One of the most popular types of watermelon grown today is the seedless variety, which is created through a multi-step cross-breeding process that first requires watermelons with two chromosomes to be cross-bred with watermelons with four chromosomes. This creates a watermelon which contains “triploid” seeds that, when planted, produce watermelons with very small seeds that are incapable of reproducing. Seedless watermelons are not actually free of seeds though, they contain small, rudimentary seeds called “pips” that are eaten along with the fruit.

Did You Know?

  • There are 200-300 different varieties of watermelon which fall into four general categories: Allsweet, Ice-Box, Seedless and Yellow Flesh.
  • In China, stir-fried, stewed and pickled watermelon are all popular.
  • Despite being a fruit, watermelon is the official state vegetable of Oklahoma.
  • In terms of weight, the watermelon is the most consumed melon in the United States.

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